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Information and Technology

Our technological offer consists in three strands of services that are interconnected. Web Development, Image and Design and Technological Training. Beside this services, we participate in special projects on an outsourcing basis, through partnerships with other companies in the information and technology area.

Our work philosophy is based on four principles that are present in all our services

To us art is our way of life, compelling us for pay attention to every detail and making our work unique, to reach our clients expectations.

Functionality is the basis of technology. Thus, if a product or service do not work as it´s expected can only be for two reasons. Incompetence or dishonesty. Because we do not tolerate dishonesty, at Sole Mio we only present to our customers solutions that we have the competence to do.

We know that cost is a determinant factor on every client choices. The Sole Mio knows well the markets in which operates and is prepared to offer competitive solutions that persuit customer satisfaction without losing our quality standards.

The search for balance is the philosophical principle of wisdom for a better life. For us balance means to combine the other three principles above in search for solutions that best meet the expectations of our customers, partners and employees and the Sole Mio sustained growth.

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